Monday, 9 February 2015

Week 2

After a wonderful first week of getting to know each other and getting used to our new and constantly changing timetable, week 2 produced another complexity.  Room 11 students along with all of the year sixes and sevens changed classes for Maths, PE and Camp Organisation. Only a small group of 6 students move out of Room 11 to go to Room 8, with Mr Gehling for Maths, and we receive 5  of his students in return.  So the majority have remained settled and comfortable in their surroundings. 

On Wednesday afternoon year 7 students went to the gym to begin their preparation for the Murraylands Aquatics Camp in week 7 this term. The year 6 students met in Room 6 to begin their preparation for the Sunship 3 Environmental Camp at Douglas Scrub Girl Guide Campsite, Maclaren Vale in week 6 next term.  Hopefully all students remembered to take the camp information notices home to you!  If not, please contact me to arrange some more.

Friday morning all students from rooms 4, 6, 8 and 11 came together for PE.  The 120 students were divided up between four sports - softball, hockey, cricket and athletics. Students listed their sport preference via a ballot paper done on Thursday.  

Overall, we had another good week as we settled into the Core Middle School way of learning.

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