Friday, 21 August 2015

Term 3 Week 5

Wow!  We are half way through this term already.  Where has the time gone?

Students are frantically finishing off their book trailers so they can be shown during next Friday's Book Week Assembly.  Please remind your child to complete their trailer, save it to Google Drive and email it to me at and Jane Moore at

Room 11 will be collaborating with our Room 31 buddy class to present at the Book Week Assembly.  We will be doing "Star Wars" - good against evil/light against dark.  Notes have been sent home and students have indicated whether they have/can borrow either white or black/dark clothes.  T-shirts with pictures can be worn inside-out.  Some students have indicated they have Star Wars costumes and will be wearing those.  I do not want you to go out and spend money on an outfit - I ask you to use what you have in your wardrobes.  Students have made masks and light sabers today so will only need to turn up next Friday in either white or black clothes as agreed.

A reminder that all year 6 and 7 students have now completed three lessons in our Growth and Development topic.  Please chat to your child about what has been covered and be open to answering any queries they may have.  I am always available for students to talk to and we have a box behind my desk where students can place written questions about this topic.

Could I please remind students and parents that food can not be heated up in the Year 6/7 kitchen on Thursdays as students have their Japanese lesson.  Students must bring cold food (sandwiches, salad, etc) or a canteen order that day.  We encourage the drinking of water throughout the day and many students are not bringing a drink bottle to use/refill.  Please remind your child to pack their water bottle.  Fizzy drinks such as lemonade and cola are not to be brought to school to drink to avoid the high sugar rush as well as upset stomachs following students exercise.

A final note to remind parents to check out the school newsletter. The Education and Health  Departments  have informed schools about the high instances of flu among children.  We are asking you keep your child away from school while they are sick so they do not infect others.  Could you also remember to phone or SMS the school or email me as to the reason why they are away, eg Family Sick, etc.  Please note that medical certificates are required if your child is away from school sick for more than three consecutive days.

Hope you all stay well and warm this weekend.

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