Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Khan Academy

Hello everyone,
Today your child joined our Khan Academy class Room 31 2016.
I will be using this wonderful educational resource for many math topics and digital technologies focus lessons. It is a wonderful tool to enhance  a student's exposure to subjects and gives real life scenarios to work with/in.
A great example of the exposure the students can get from Khan Academy is in the Pixar in a Box Unit of work. The renowned animation company Pixar has teamed up with Khan Academy to create a step by step structured lesson unit for kids to learn about the whole process of animation. We will also continue this in class in practical hands on projects.
Khan Academy requires parent authorisation for any person under the age of 13. The reason for this is that all videos from Khan Academy are stored by YouTube.

It would be prefered that the student's do not start the units of work yet but wait for me to begin together. Signing up is all that is required.

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